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IV Treatments


Feeling dehydrated, getting ready for a night out, had a late night or early morning out in Las Vegas. Our Hydration IV is just the thing to make you feel ready to get the most out of Las Vegas.

Get a Hydration IV Treatment and feel like your better self!

Hangover Relief

Feeling like the room is spinning, we have the IV treatment for you. It starts with Saline and we add in anti-nausea medication to stop the spinning and help you heal.

Get this IV Treatment and get back to enjoying yourself!

Immune Boost

Give your Immune System the boost it needs to keep you healthy and going strong. We add Vitamins to your IV treatment that help boost your body’s immune system. 

This is the treatment that makes you feel ready to take on anything.


This IV treatment is our most powerful and long lasting.

NAD + has many benefits that continue beyond the day of treatment.

Get an NAD+ IV treatment and feel your best.